• Adding More Fun in Driving With the Sprint Booster Device

    The Sprint Booster won the "Best New Performance Street Product" last SEMA 2010. It basically is an arithmetic device that makes vehicles pleasurable and fun to drive. It changes the strength of the signal from the accelerator to open faster than regular stock throttle settings. During idling when at full throttle the travel of the pedal is reduced. Because of this the vehicle feels more powerful due to large reaction with minimal pedal action. It simply modifies the signal from the gas pedal to the car's butterfly. It simply creates throttle reaction more sensitive.


    Its advantages are considerably felt during the bottom travel of the pedal. It is very effective during low rpm to mid rpm ranges wherein most common vehicles undergo daily. Due to this, adjust in driving style is surely in order. But adapting to the new hardware would only take a short duration. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and inexpensive.


    The device is a completely new technology that has no direct manufacturing competitors. Enhancements increases pedal sensitivity, delivering more aggressive off-the-line starts that drivers would genuinely feel. This can be easily done with its simple and easy plug-n-play installation.


    It delivers significant instant response all throughout the vehicles power band. It makes driving acceleration and traffic merging gives a new feeling of confidence Autel MX808. Shift points are precisely redefined and fully maximized especially on automatic transmission vehicles. Standard transmission versions of the device are also offered.


    It basically alters the car's throttle curve to help in improving performance thus giving it a more powerful feel. It makes cars easier to drive compared to stock systems. It offers improvements in fuel efficiency and a smoother ride. The product doesn't increase horsepower but only modifies the reaction of the throttle on rpm ranges wherein cars operate often.


    It is considered to be very effective because modern day vehicles usually operate with drive-by-wire technology wherein throttle manipulation is electronically operated instead of being operated with cables like in earlier models of cars. Though it is a newer technology compared to cables, side effects may come in slow throttle response and slow off the line startups. With the said device overcoming this drawback is never a problem.


    Costing should never be an issue because of the products long term cost effectiveness. Most customers that installed the said device feels like it is worth it because with a simple upgrade the benefits come pouring in Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro. It is installed in between the car's or vehicle's accelerator pedal and its harness. The mentioned device takes only about ten minutes to install and sometimes needs a 5mm wrench for easier installation.


    The Sprint Booster is an effective enhancement for cars used on a daily driving basis. It is a cost effective upgrade for any car. This gives car owners a chance to feel a bit more power affordably. But it is important to know that it is not designed to make race cars out of ordinary cars. Its main aim is to give regular cars and drivers more confidence in driving and extra accelerating power when needed.

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