• Airbags and Car Safety

    There has been much speculation as to whether or not airbags are safe for children and adults. Back when airbags first came out, people were afraid to buy cars that had them. I can still remember when my dad brought home our first car that had an airbag in it. Together, I walked outside with my mom and dad and observed as my father instructed my mom on how to drive the car. This particular car had a bunch of other neat features back then as well- and the airbag was one of them. As he explained how the airbag was sensitive to braking short as well as what would happen if she were to get into a fender bender, I could see my mother growing increasingly apprehensive. At the end of the conversation, my dad asked my mom if she wanted to take the car out for a spin to which she politely declined.

    My mom's fears back then weren't all that unrealistic. There are, after all, some hidden dangers in airbags. While they are supposed to provide safety to passengers in a vehicular accident CR8011, they can also cause additional injuries. For instance, many people are aware that when airbags deploy, the intensity at which they deploy can actually knock the wind out of someone. There are numerous reports of people who get into accidents where the airbag is deployed, but the force of the airbag hitting their face and/or chest area actually causes them to break their noses or to break their ribs. And in some instances, if there happens to be a child sitting in the front seat or in the path of an airbag, airbag deployment may actually kill the child.

    The best defense to airbags and car safety is to never have to use them. What do I mean by this? Be aware of your driving launch x431 hd box iii, and exercise good judgment so that you never get into a car accident. Most, if not all, car accidents are 100 percent avoidable because most are caused by an error in the driver's judgment. Only a small percentage of car accidents are caused by mechanical failures of some sort. This is why you need to be cautious when you are driving. Look around you, use your turn signals before changing lanes. Avoid sudden breaking, and allow plenty of stopping room between you and the next person in front of you. All of these things and more will not only make you a better driver; it will save you the trouble of having to use your airbags in the event of car accident.

    In a small number of cases, there have been airbags that were so sensitive to vehicles breaking, that they would go off. What is my point? The point is to say that not all airbags are created equal. Sometimes technical failures like that can happen. In the event that it does, try to stay calm and make sure that you drive your car off the roadway and into a safe spot where you can call for help.

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