• The history of the automotive lift

    The automotive lifts were invented about 30 to 40 years ago. Before that, mechanics always used to tend to get on the ground, get dirty and hardly be able to see what was underneath the car because it was so dark in there. Some mechanics would even have to drag a light in order to see what was going on.


    Of course this would always cause a problem for the heavier set mechanics that could not get underneath the car because they were thicker.


    As of course technology kept advancing, so did the methods of how to lift the car. I’m sure they went through lifting the car up with ramps so the heavier mechanics could get underneath the car, but of course they still had to get dirty because they had to lie on the ground.


    Of course, after that, someone finally invented the in ground lift. With this lift, you had to do an excavation in the ground and install the automotive lift in there. Now even though these lifts were very strong, they were very expensive to install and because of that, most people could not afford to install it and kept their automotive repair shop just like that.


    It wasn’t until about a decade after that the technology finally reached Europe and the above ground lifts were invented there maxidas ds808. So of course since the streets and the cars are a lot smaller there the above ground lift was a lot narrower, but of course it worked perfectly for European cars which are a lot smaller.


    When these lifts were brought to the United States, and because they were a lot smaller it was incredibly hard for the bigger cars in the Unites States to fit into these automobile lifts. I mean you could still get the cars in these lifts but when they were in, the mechanic was not able to get out of the car because the legs of the lift would not let the car doors open all the way.
    And this resulted into a lot of dings and scratches in the car doors which were never good because this would cause extra work for the mechanics that had to fix the car and of course now fix the scratches that they caused on the side of the cars.
    It was until a couple of years later that the manufacturers took notice of this and started making the automotive lifts a lot wider and in an angle and because of this the mechanics had no problem entering or leaving the cars, and the heavier set mechanics never had any problems with extra work because they didn’t have any scratches or dings in the cars that come into the repair shop.

    Of course launch x431 pro mini, as you can see now, the automotive lift was one of the greatest inventions that could have been invented in the automobile industry among all the other ones that exist such as the wheel balancer and tire changer. The histories of all of these items are unique in their own ways and very interesting.

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