• To Avoid Air Cleaner Use Error and Make Auto Heart More Powerful

    With the increasingly severe environmental pollution, the air of respirable suspended particle content more and more high, if these suspended particles into the automobile engine cylinder, it will cause a lot of gelatinoid and tiny can wear particles, effect of automobile engine burning full degree, and then into the engine cylinder and piston, piston caused by wear part of the decline Autel Diaglink, resulting in engine performance. Automobile air filter function is between the air into the cylinder to form a filtration barrier, the suspended particle completely blocking in the cylinder, but also to ensure the intake enough, so it can ensure the power without loss of automobile engine.


    But many private car owners in the air filter on the maintenance is not enough attention, in the use of car air filter, inevitably lead to some misunderstanding.


    1.Buy an air filter without paying attention to quality
    Although now many owners to replace it, will choose 4S shop, but with in-depth understanding of the automobile structure, his replacement car filter is also very simple, but regardless of being the replacement or their replacement in the 4S store, will be involved in the purchase of a new problem. But many current owners for the understanding of the function of the filter is not very correct, often choose cheap and poor quality of the one, air filtration capacity of the poor quality of the air cleaner, especially for small suspended particles, filtering ability is poor, and physical stability performance is poor, but long-term use will lead to a decline in automobile engine performance, fuel consumption increased significantly.


    2.In the use of car air filter often demolition
    Some car owners think the car air filter will not achieve much, a new car in use after a period of time, found that was completely blocked Autel Maxisys MS908CV, then simply put the filter to dismantle, also not be replaced. As a result, may in the short time it will not affect the performance of automobile engine, but long before, it is a very serious wear and tear on the automobile engine. Data shows that, no car air filter, the automobile engine cylinder wear rate will be more than eight times, piston wear rate more than 3 times, the wear rate of piston ring will be more than 9 times.


    3.Automobile air filter maintenance is very rigid, inflexible
    The most private car owners to know that replacement importance, but in the filter when changing the car, but because of the automobile maintenance instructions restrictions, in accordance with guidance provided on how many miles before it starts to replace the automobile filters. But now the city different levels of pollution, the corresponding number of suspended particles is different, if the degree of pollution heavy northern cities, then the car air filter replacement and maintenance will not be able to follow simple instructions to carry out, at this time often car state has been obvious abnormalities, so should shorten the maintenance cycle, improve the quality of automotive filters. This is the correct maintenance of the road.

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