• Used Honda - The Future of Travel

    When we think of travelling, we tend to think of cars, or planes. Or even trains, although they aren't exactly the most reliable mode of transport in the world. We like to travel to get away from thing - so rather than "travelling" to work each day, for example, we talk instead about travelling around the world, or travelling to an exciting destination. The word "travelling" rarely refers, however, to our everyday moving from A to B on the very most natural method of transport - our feet Autel MaxiSys MS908. Walking to the shops or running to catch a bus aren't really thought of in the nation's psyche as travelling, but simply as fulfilling a purpose and using a generally natural ability.


    However, according to various companies walking is simply too much effort for us. Travelling on our feet is tiring, inefficient, and above all slow. To really make the most of our time when pottering about town, these companies believe that we need something to help us, something to make us travel faster whilst still being outdoors and relaxed.


    So, first came the Segway. This peculiar invention, which never really took off for anything other than ferrying people around the massive Sydney Olympic village Autel Diaglink, involve people standing on a platform between two wheels, holding onto a stick, and essentially gliding serenely from place to place. It is the sort of invention that, whilst looking strangely fun to play with, also has the unfortunate effect of making people using them look like absolute idiots. Attempting to maintain a certain cool whilst gliding around on an upright scooter is, it seems, rather difficult!


    Following the Segway debacle, Honda have decided to get in the game and make their contribution. Perhaps in the future we will see used Honda personal transport machines popping up all over the market! The Honda contribution to this peculiar area is the U3-X, a creation that actually looks even weirder than the Segway, hard as that may be to believe. It is, you see, a little unicycle style creation that looks a little like a bottle opener, odd as that sounds. You perch on this creation, upright but kind of sitting down, and by angling your body you steer it wherever you need to go.


    I maintain that in all likelihood you will look just as insane zooming around on this modern space age creation as you would on a Segway. However, the design and sitting position makes it a little more exciting and acceptable, and it wouldn't surprise me if this turned out to be quite a popular gimmick in the coming few years - much like those tiny miniature bikes were for full-grown adults just a few years ago. It is probably expensive, but all good trends are, and people who invest in one will be safe in the knowledge that nipping to the shops is both more comfortable and quicker than it would be if you were travelling by foot.


    It is a gimmick and a bit of fun from the light-hearted Honda brand - but is this sort of thing the future of travel?

    Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Honda cars.
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