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    The world is gradually filling up with more energy saving cars than we could shake a stick at. We have the electric cars, the low emissions cars, the high mileage cars. We have the fuel cell cars, the as of yet uninvented cars, and even alcohol powered cars. We have cars that smell of chip fat, and cars running off palm oil. All of which is very good, but which begs the question - which energy saving car is best?!


    Well, I have an answer. The answer won't hold if you live somewhere where you often have to nip off road, possibly to retrieve some logs or fell a bear. It won't work, either, if you drive all the time, on big roads and from city to city Autel MK808. If you live in a city or a town and do largely only urban driving, then the answer will definitely be relevant to you - a Smart.


    Now, before you run away in horror, here me out. Firstly, Smart cars aren't anywhere near as unattractive as people make out. The shape is dictate by the fact that this needs to be a car that can park at right angles to the pavement Autel MaxiSys Pro, and it fulfils its job brilliantly. The colour schemes are often questionable, but when you buy your new or used Smart you can just ensure that you don't end up with a pink and red nightmare or spotty car. In essence, excuses aren't going to get you out of admitting that a car like the Smart is one of the best options for economical cheap living.


    The most obvious Smart car option is the FourTwo, the incredibly popular original range that Smart are still selling now. These are the two seater city cars that are just soo sensible if you live somewhere with a small amount of parking and busy roads. Its nippiness makes it perfect for weaving to and from work every day! Energy wise, the basic petrol model can do 62.8 MPG combined, whilst the exceptionally efficient turbo diesel achieves a awe-inspiring 83.1 MPG combined. Not many cars can beat that and then throw practicality on top!


    These smart cars offer something called Micro hybrid drive, which explains the efficiency. In an arena where every little counts, this can make all the difference. This system uses that well publicised start/stop technology to make the car use less fuel, switching off when the car gets below 5mph. It sounds a lot more dangerous than it is - this is the sort of thing that you won't notice until you see the savings!


    See, all in all there are lots of compelling reasons to consider a Smart car when going green. You may want a back up car for long journeys, but when zooming around the city you are going to be hard pressed to find something that does the job better. Of course, shop around, but don't be afraid to at the least consider the unconventional Smart car as an option!

    Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Smart cars.
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