• Wheel Clamps

    In America, they抮e known simply as 揥heel Clamps?or 揥heel Boots? but regardless of what they抮e called, they all mean the same thing: you did something illegally & now because of that, you can抰 move. This is the typical case, but sometimes you抣l see Wheel Clamps on trailers or caravans so they won抰 be towed away; or even expensive cars so no one will steal them.

    The original name was actually the 揑mmobilizer?& was invented in 1944, but patented in 1958 by a man named Frank Marugg. What抯 peculiar is that Frank Marugg was, in reality, a Violinist for the Denver Symphony Orchestra, but had more than enough 揼ood friends?within the Denver Politician Group & Denver Police Department. Since the Police Department was having a lot of issues with enforcing parking laws, they needed a better method than just handing out parking tickets & taking all vehicles to the impound where they would eventually be sabotaged. When a man named Dan Stills finally got tired of this charade, he eventually approached Marugg with this growing dilemma. As stated by some random placemat in Gunther Tootie抯 circa, Marugg had created a remarkable device that was designed to lock spare tires that were installed onto the outermost part of the vehicle.

    The first time it was used was recorded on January 5 Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, 1955 & had accumulated more than $18,000 in it抯 first month of use! Since producers thought that it may have been a little too heavy because it was made out of steel, they swapped it for a lighter Aluminum material. After Marugg saw that this Wheel Clamp was such a success, he eventually sold it to parking lot owners, hotels, ski resorts, & even made a 揗assive?version for people who owned farm equipment & larger vehicles that resembled those huge farming vehicles. It抯 such a milestone in the Automotive World that this Original Wheel Clamp has it抯 own display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. I really don抰 know about what you think about this, but really? The Smithsonian?

    When it comes to regular street laws, police officers & traffic wardens have the authority to put Wheel Clamps on vehicles that are parked illegally; but in many other countries, the law says that landowners also have the authority to issue Wheel Clamps on vehicles that are parked on their property without authorization. There was a man that literally got so tired of his wheels being clamped all the time that at one point in time, he removed the clamp himself with something called an Angle-Grinder. So as of now, he is known as a modern-day 揝uperhero?that calls himself the 揂ngle-Grinder Man?that offers to remove clamps for free. Measures have become so drastic that motorists will either cut off the clamp using bolt cutters or they will even just clamp their own cars before anyone else can. Who knew people would be so overprotective, right?

    Wheel Clamping may be outlawed in some states because they say that it is 搖nethical? but despite everything everyone else says, the state of Washington continues this trend to 搒how everyone it is not right to disobey the law?

    Wheel Clamping has become such an impact on society that it even has had an 揳ppearance?in the kid抯 movie Cars, in the TV Series Seinfeld, & pretty much even has TWO reality shows: Parking Wars & Operation Repo. In my opinion, when something as serious as this appears in the media & places where people seek amusement, no one is going to take it seriously. They抮e just going to think x431 pro mini, 揙h! This is just like the episode where....? but that抯 just me.


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