• Sony Affordable Car Accessory

    We all like style when it comes down to fitting our cars with the latest equipment and devices, but style comes with a price tag. However with the stylish and legendary Sony CDX-GT232 CD / MP3 / WMA player maxidas ds808, you will discover that style comes at an affordable, attractive price that will not put you off.


    The performance of this technical device is exemplary and you will not be let down with its detachable face plate presenting you with a black on white display so you can see all of your controls, settings and buttons with ease. The Sony car audio accessory has a user-friendly system with its simplified changing settings so you have less to worry about and can focus on your driving!


    The Sony CDX-GT232 has a powerful in built amplifier that will resonate a sharp, clear and fuller sound when you play not only your usual CD's but also your CD rewritable's so you can still play all of the songs that you have downloaded from your computer as you listen to them in the comfort of your car with this stylistic launch x431 pro mini, modern device. This Sony product reads MP3 and WMA formats and files so gives you a broad range of portable media use to input your music. With the affordable Sony CDX-GT232 you can put your music player with no effort at all as an auxiliary input is located on the front panel of the accessory.


    So are rearing to go? Or are you still not completely satisfied? Maybe you want to boost up your system and feel the bass line by installing a bigger system? The Sony accommodates to your every need as you are given preamp outputs which allows you to hook up your external amp or sub woofer.


    So here is a list of the great features and technical specification that the Sony CDX-GT232 offers you at an affordable price:


    - 4x45W S-MOSFET output stage


    - MP3, CD-R, RW, WMA, and CD playback thus caters for all different types of media!


    - x1 RCA Preout


    - auxiliary input at the front of the control panel


    - a setting which allows you to dim the light on your display incase you want to relax


    - Choose luminous green to light up your keys


    - Sony wants you to look after this piece of beauty as it has given you


    the security feature of a removable front panel


    -Just incase you are running late there is a digital integrated clock on the display screen so you can keep track of what the time is


    Even more features:


    -The Sony CDX-GT232 comes with a tuner which has inbuilt automatic bandwidth control.


    -Best Tuning Memory meaning you spend less time searching through the available channels within the region


    -Station presets such as 18FM and 6MW


    With its separate bass and treble controls you get the added bonus of choosing how high you want to pump up certain levels and aspects of the volume. This great audio accessory is definitely one you shouldn't be without when cruising down the highway in your car and is definitely one of the most affordable around for the quality of the product, so keep it in mind!

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