• The New Ford Mustang

    The pony cars are to remain in style and demand for all times to come launch x431 v+. And this claim has been supported by the launch of 2007 Ford Mustang. The model has been of such stature that none of the competitors could imitate and launch a similar product within the same price range. The style of the car's body is a dupe to the 2005 model with a slight difference of the turned shape of rear suspension, which could help make the driving experience smooth and pleasant. 2007 Ford Mustang is undoubtedly a gem of a product that can be offered within the designated price range by any company.


    It is the ninth generation pony car which is still similar in appearance to the original car. However, due to the need of today's time, the car is launched in two different models; each model is loaded with many unique features. The two models are V6 and GT. Each model is launched as a premium or deluxe model. Obviously, the change of name is due to the change in features in each one. Beginning with the engine, both the models have impressive engine performance; V6 has 210 horsepower engine with a capacity of 4.0 lt. The GT models have even more powerful V8 engines with a capacity of 4.6 lt. All 2007 Ford Mustangs come with a rear wheel drive and can go from 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds. This is the immaculate speed transmission technology installed in the model.


    The 2007 Ford Mustang also comes in a standard and pony package. Each package is targeted to meet the wants and demands of a different customer segments. The standard package V6, as the name suggests, is the standard model with not many unique features available, for e.g. power mirrors, air conditioner, 16inch wheels etc. The pony package is targeted to sporty adventurous people, who would love to have a sport tuned suspension system so that they can have all the adventure while driving 2007 Ford Mustang. Along with this the car also has fog lamps and very exotics front grills which gives a very sporty look to the car.


    The deluxe package V6 of 2007 Ford Mustang is launched with alloy wheels and numerous options which the owner can opt for, as per his/her need. Thus Ford has also kept in mind that customization makes the customers feel special and more satisfied. The premium package of V6 is targeted to music lovers who cannot imagine driving without good quality music. They have installed in Shaker 500 music system along with a CD changer OBD2 Scanner. The GT deluxe is similar to V6 deluxe except for it having antilock braking system and a sporty looking interior. The premium model of GT is an advanced version of V6 premium because it has Shaker 1000 stereo system and extremely lavish leather interior installed in it.


    The acceleration obviously is more in GT model than in V6 because of the changed power capacity of engines installed. However, the most amazing feature of 2007 Ford Mustang is its efficient fuel consumption which ranges from 19mpg (city) to 28mpg (highway). It is an amazing feature because for a powerful car like 2007 Ford Mustang. Thus Ford has made not only a car which is good for the owner but it is also good for the health of your bank account.


    The company has launched 2007 Ford Mustang keeping such performance parameters in mind, which the competitors cannot easily beat. Moreover, they also want to have not only satisfied but delighted customer base, therefore, they made sure that the model does not need tedious and time consuming repetitive maintenance work. 2007 Ford Mustang launch has proved that luxury does not necessarily have an opportunity cost! It is one launch that has the ability to sweep the competitors market share and they would not even have time to react to this attack Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.

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