• The Tank Must Be Cleaned Periodically, Otherwise Weak Acceleration

    Do not pay attention to the daily car brake failure resulting in vehicle maintenance problems, many owners do not know the importance of normal maintenance. In fact, do not pay attention to maintenance will cause many problems, the fuel tank problem is one of them OBD Tool, and many owners have mistakenly thought that the fuel tank is completely closed state, there is no need for maintenance.But it's not.


    Failure Case I: Tank wash out tinfoil.
    Not long ago, Mr. Lin to the 4S shop car wash owners, staff recommends. Mr. Lin to do something to clean up the tank car. Lin may wonder: are generally enclosed tank, you also need to clean it? In the cleaning process, so he was surprised there may otherwise content, gum, water, particulate matter, and even the plastic film, foil, grass and sticks, etc.


    The solution I: regular cleaning establish health awareness.
    In this regard, professionals recommend owners who regularly do a tank cleaning is necessary, and this is for the car to establish a kind of "health" awareness, preventive measures.
    When to refuel, if you see there being loaded oil tank truck unloading, it is best to immediately other gas station, because a lot of ground deepened storage tank refueling, which would precipitate impurities are long flips, then refuel, is bound to add to the car passing these things; there when the workers to the car when the additive, the foil on the bottle into the tank are inevitable. So it seems, a regular tank cleaning or necessary.


    Failure Case II: fuel consumption is climbing.
    After driving the car owner Bruce recently discovered some time, the car's fuel consumption is climbing, driving, when the car will occasionally produce jitter, unlike the original as stable.


    Second solution II: 30000-40000 km once the oil cleanup.
    Front Desk Supervisor White Toyota 4S shop explained that the structural design of the tank, it can play a waterproof, thermal insulation effect. With a car engine fuel tank vents, as well as the oil canister connected to the mailbox and to each driving 30,000 -4 million kilometers in the car when carried the oil cleaning, or replacement of filtration. Otherwise, once the oil plug, fuel tank pressure is too large, driving in the car will have a swinging phenomenon, after the formation of a strong high-pressure tank is particularly easy to crack, even spill occurs, fuel consumption will follow large increase.
    White also recommends regular maintenance to keep the oil the oil unobstructed, you can use some cleaning detergent, which also helps to break down the oil pipeline contaminants and impurities.


    Failure Case III: Car acceleration weakness.
    Recently, the car owner Miss Daisy felt relatively slow acceleration, the car seems to be no oil in general, not to mention the car obviously felt awkward, Qi weakness.


    Second solution III: Do not wait until the fuel runs out before refueling
    Miss Daisy check pump problems Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, the slot. Head white explained by appropriately operating the fuel pump is supplied to the engine. Once the air vents will generate a negative pressure in the fuel tank, the fuel pump so that the vapor lock phenomenon, which is the difference of oil, not even for the oil. The fuel pump does not work smoothly cause is the bottom of the sedimentation tank clogging impurities and excess water charge. Supply, throttle acceleration will reduce the car accelerates slowly not run.
    Toyota 4S technical expert James reminds the car owner, you must not wait until bedtime often refueling lights. Too little savings or running out of fuel, it will continue to work if the fuel pump causing the temperature is too high, it will affect the life of the pump, the pump may even burn.


    Engine cleaning every six months.
    An automobile engine is the heart of a very important and critical component assembly.
    The first is the dissection. If there is no washing or longer, before use of the vacuum cleaner to clean the sink windshield dirt and debris. Next is clean engine compartment is best cleaned once every six months.
    Great to remind you, do not do it yourself, or just let the water rushed into the engine nacelle general washing rinse water cannons. Use a professional cleaning of the engine and engine compartment external absorbing sponge to clean the engine compartment. The best film coating to the engine, can fully guarantee the engine compartment interior plastic parts and electrical lines are not easy to aging, reduce engine noise, dust and sludge is not easy, but let their cars in the car 4S shop maintenance

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