• Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Car for MOT Testing

    MOT testing in the UK s mandatory for all vehicles that are at least three years old. Having some prior knowledge on the test features would help you in the future.


    If you have a car, then you must have heard the term, “MOT Test”. As per the traffic rules of the United Kingdom you car needs to pass this test every year once your vehicle is three years old. Prior to doing this test, you should have an idea on the basic features autel maxisys ms906.


    The MOT test - What it is

    This government authorized test is conducted to ensure that your vehicle conforms to all the safety guidelines and is trustworthy on the road Autel MaxiSys Pro. An MOT certification means your meets all environmental and road safety standards. The test is not like a general mechanical inspection of the vehicle. The test includes vigorous inspection of the different exterior and interior parts of the automobile. Though normally the test is mandatory for all automobiles those are of at least three years, for some specific vehicles the minimum age requirement for the test is 1 year as well. It is your duty to renew the test certificate a month before its date of expiry. You will not get any notice from the government that your car is due for the test. However, if you drive the car on the UK roads without a certificate, then it becomes a legal punishable offense. If your MOT expires, you can only drive the car to a local testing center and back. Otherwise, you will be prosecuted.


    Where to take the car for MOT test


    You need to get the car test from some government approved centers. There are many automobile garages that have authorization for mot testing in Harrow. You can recognize these garages that display a blue sign having three white triangles interlocked with each other. The approved garages also display the MOT test fees and the relevant notice board on the premises. The list and notice board also display the contact details of the VOSA office in Harrow.


    To know more details about MOT testing, you can get an inspection guide and manual from the local VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency).

    Booking for MOT test


    You can book for an MOT testing by post, through internet or in person. For booking the test for a motorbike, private car or lights goods vehicle, you need to furnish details about the registration number of the vehicle, last 4 digits of the chassis number, and if you are booking over telephone or online, the credit or debit card number. You can also opt for receiving the test appointment notice by electronic mail, instead of waiting for the postal letter. There are lot of garages in Harrow that conduct this test. You can compare the prices and choose one that is perfect for your pocket.

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