• Tips On Motorcycle Apparel Cape Town Weather

    Hot, cold and windy or mildly chilled, windless and dry… and sometimes rainy, that's Cape Town weather for you! Now, your bike's a reliable steed that'll take you through thick and thin, but what about your safety gear?


    Here are a few tips on motorcycle clothing…


    When travelling over long distances you need protection from the elements. If your machine is naked (no Fairing) you'll want a good windbreaker or jacket.




    · Motorcycle apparel with flaps and loose bits will slap you in the wind


    · Buttoned clothing allows a lot of wind and water through


    · If you come off Autel MaxiSys MS908, make sure you bought tight fitting safety gear


    · Zips can let in water.


    Motorcycle Gloves…


    Not thin pieces of chamois leather, but real thick gloves! If you want to brush your teeth in the morning, and do everything else, wear gloves.


    Protect the other end of your body with boots. You crash, you flip and just like a ruler slapping on a desk your limbs hit the tar hard!




    · Make sure the boot tightly-fits your ankles, loose boots slip off.


    New leather is a bit tough and takes time to wear in, you'll look fresh and new in the beginning but that'll change.


    The Hot, the Cold and the Wind


    Weather is magnified for the biker, not the best thing when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Apparel for Cape Town weather varies. One minute it's this then it's that.




    · If you're absolutely freezing cold, pull over and push the bike a few meters


    · Wind dries the hell out of your lips, the skin on your face and your nasal cavity, use lip ice and sunblock on long journeys.


    · Take in lots of fluids, not beer, it dries you out.


    Last But Not Least, Helmets


    Considered essential safety gear, a helmet is a mandatory in South Africa.




    · A helmet that's been dropped hard or slightly damaged is worthless, ge ta new one.


    · Buy a polycarbonate helmet, it's lighter, stronger and cooler.


    · Get one with lots of bright colours on it for visibility.




    Safety gear is around for a reason! You may think going down to the shops for a pack of smokes bears no risk but, bear in mind that insurance for a bike is three times that of a car. Choose your motorcycle apparel wisely!

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